What happens if you have NO POWER HIERARCHY? (No. 02)

No boss, none who can hire & fire and determine your pay raise etc?

Answer: lots of NATURAL hierarchies emerge.

Why should we care?

Because it creates a lot of VALUE (and yes, I mean profit, too):

In SELF-MANAGING teams of 10-12 members, some will naturally be drawn to recruit, others to do the finances or the client contact, others are good team coaches or communication people to coordinate with other self managing teams.

Bottom line: everybody is INTRINSICALLY motivated to share their experience or knowledge. If none is demotivated by decisions from the top or good ideas lost in the quicksand of the organization, stuff really FLOWS.

A phantasy?

Check organizations operating like this since years or decades: Morning star, Buurtzorg, Patagonia, FAVI and others. Their profits are through the roof! (Buurtzorg (= "Neighbour Care") uses less than 40% of the hrs subscribed by doctors, 30% of all emergency hospital intakes are avoided, it saves the Dutch social security system hundred of millions of Euros- each year).

:: Important: it’s NOT the goal of Self-Management to make everyone equally powerful. But to make everybody FULLY powerful! ::

How does that sound to you? Scary? Hopeful? Logic? What are your questions?

Let's explore and exchange on what could work and WHY should we even care?

For a human working world, fueled by and filled with soulful success,


Previous No.01: https://lnkd.in/dPPysGs

Inspired by Frederic Laloux

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