When COMPLEXITY increases, the pyramidal hierarchy breaks down (No. 01)

Growing complexity is all around us. And when it increases, the hierarchical pyramid breaks down.

The few people at the top, however smart they are, do not have enough bandwidth to grasp and deal with all the complexity. Even if people at the top put in more hours, it’s a structural problem that more hours won’t change...

So what’s the alternative?

Funnily enough, it’s all around us:

- the global economy with millions of companies

- the human brain with 85 billions cells

- birds in a flock don’t knock each other out

- the forests and other ecosystems .

.. there is no “forest CEO” telling all plants, insects, animals, worms and bacteria, fields and rivers what to do. There is no exec committee, no board. Yet the system runs, evolves through all seasons and is very resilient.

:: Please note: Not a single complex system around us works with a pyramidal hierarchy!::


So what’s stopping us from learning from LIFE?

What would you lose, what would you gain by exploring that idea?

I am interested in your response!

Let's create something, that WORKS. For people, for nature, for the economy.

Best wishes,


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credit: “Reinventing organizations, an illustrated invitation to join the conversation of next-stage organizations, Frederic Laloux”

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